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Allure Pools & Spas

1311 Columbia Ave.

Middletown, Ohio 45042


Allure Pools and Spas sells only Imagine fiberglass pools because of their durability and limited lifetime warranty on the fiberglass shell. Fiberglass pools do not have a liner, so you do not constantly need to replace something. There is also a lifetime limited warranty against osmosis on the shell (bubbling up). Click above to contact us today!

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What's New

We want you to have more time with family and friends.

Want to spend more quality time with your family and friends this summer? Buy a pool while they are in-stock! Set up your appointment today! See our selection of pools below.

About Us

Allure Pools & Spas Logo

Allure Pools & Spas, Inc. has over 52 years combined experience in the building and pool industry. We also install decks, patios, covered porches, outdoor kitchens, enclosures, and pool houses.

Call us today at 937-581-0105.

We sell Imagine Pools.

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Kids in a Allure Pools Fiberglass pool

Family Fun Every Day


Fun with Friends

These are all good reasons for getting a pool now. Have grandchildren, pools are a magnet for visits from them. Everyone wants to come to grandma's house then! Don't wait, every day you wait is another week inventory will get booked  up. Soon, there will be no pools for two years or more due to lack of materials. It will not get better any time soon.

Beautiful Allure Pool with a Hot Tub


Allure Pools & Spas, Inc. has the right spa for you. Whether you have medical issues and need a spa for therapeutic reasons or just want to relax tired muscles at night.

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